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The harmonized geological map of Slovenia is a simplified version of the 1:250 000 scale Geological Map of Slovenia (Buser, 2009), which was compiled using the Basic Geological Map of Slovenia at a scale of 1: 100.000 (compiled by various authors during the 1960's to 1980's) with the addition of new information by Buser. The map depicts the lithostratigraphic makeup of Slovenia . The map presented here was edited specifically for the purpose of the OneGeology-Europe project by M. Bavec, M. Novak, M. Poljak, M. Trajanova and D. Skaberne.
English, Slovenian
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GEOLOGY/surface geology
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Danube Region
13.2753, 45.3218, 16.7107, 46.9767
publication: 2010
1964 - 2010
Geological Survey of Slovenia
Jasna Šinigoj
Dimičeva ulica 14, Ljubljana, SI-1000, Slovenia
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Equivalent Scale: 1: 250000


a. Dataset is not suitable for: This map has been produced at the country scale, mainly fo rscientific and educational purposes, and cannot be used when detailed geological information is needed.b. Charges applied: noc. Other conditions: yesd. More info URL: http://one.geology.cz/conditions/conditions_eng.pdf
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Geological Survey of Slovenia
Jasna Šinigoj
Dimičeva ulica 14, Ljubljana, SI-1000, Slovenija
tel: +386 (0)1 2809712
Role: point of contact

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