Micka - quick help

  1. Foreword
  2. Metadata querying
  3. Metadata editing
  4. Administration
  5. Metadata filling guidelines

1. Foreword

Micka is the software for spatial data / services metadata management according to ISO, OGC and INSPIRE standards.

Supported standards

System is able to implement any standard based on XML document. For implementation separate administration modul is required
These standards are implemented:


Additional metadata elements and user metadata profiles can be used. These profiles are default in the system:

The user may change the profile during editing.

Language environment

Application interface if multilingual. The offered language list is set in configuration file. The interface language may be selected by clicking the flag on the page header. In the scope of EGDI catalogue, only English language is set. Metadata itself may be also multilingual. The user defines main language and other languages during record creation or record administration. In all cases UTF-8 codepage is used.

2. Metadata querying

Basic search is supported in the application. Search form is configurable according the provider needs. Other search capabilities are allowed by catalogue service which is integral part of the software. (Connect point is at /csw).

For authorized users the extended search form is displayed. The search criteria come from mandatory CSW queryables, INSPIRE and provider needs. The result is defined as intersection between all filled search form fields (logical AND). Multiple values in the fields are treated as union between the values (logical OR).

After search the result list is displayed. Clicking the hyperlinked title the single record sumary metadata is displayed. Other functions are available in the header of each record.

Where more than 10 resuls are available (may be configured), the paging is used.

3. Metadata editing

Logged users can create, edit, import/export and delete metadata records according to their rights.

4. Administration

Only the administrators have access to this part.

5. Metadata editing guidelines

Metadata editing requires some knowledge of standards, hence some education training or some consultation are recommended.